Host An Exhibit

Host An Exhibit

Host An Exhibit

Host An Exhibit

Host An Exhibit

The Promised Land Museum traveling exhibit is a simple way to bring awareness and understanding to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and direct visitors to the deeper content contained in the museum’s online exhibits.

Sponsoring or hosting an exhibit doesn’t require a large space or any special equipment. Promised Land Museum will provide you with everything you need to promote and host your event.

To download the exhibitor guide, please provide your name and email address. The guide will be sent to the e-mail provided.

Exhibitor Guide

Click here to read the exhibitor guide

6 BIG Reasons to  
Host an Exhibit

Give your members and community a better understanding of the Holy Land.


Support peace and justice by fostering awareness of the common humanity of Christian, Muslim and Jewish families living in Israel/Palestine.


Attract people to your facility with an interesting, novel, moving, educational exhibit.


Raise funds for your church or civic organization.


Invite museum curator, Steve Feldman, to speak at your event—either in person or virtually.


It’s FREE! The Coalition for Peace with Justice even pays for shipping and promotion.