Israel/Palestine Hosted Exhibits

March 2022

Thank you so much to Mark Jagner of the First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Ann Abor, MI, and the leader of their Justice in the Middle East group. They had seen the Promised Land Museum exhibit when it was on display in the Social Hall at the 2016 UU General Assembly in Columbus, OH, after Sunday services and for the subsequent week. They have hosted our first in-person exhibit since before COVID. About three dozen people came to see the exhibit.


Here’s what Mark had to say…

“The display of the Promised Land exhibit on Sunday went very well. We had it set up in our Social Hall after Sunday services. In total, about 30‒40 people visited the exhibit. We’ll continue to display the exhibit during church office hours and will put it up again next Sunday. Feedback about the display has been very positive!”


*Our traveling exhibit is available to other groups/organizations at no charge.

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