How the Stern Gang Terrorized London
Stern Gang London

Recently declassified M16 documents show how Zionist groups fighting for the creation of the Israeli state were emboldened to commit acts of terrorism against the British, both in Palestine and in Britain. According to Haaretz, in July 1946, one of these groups named Irgun (led by the future Israeli prime minister and Nobel Peace Prize winner Menachem Begin) blew up the British administration headquarters in Palestine, resulting in many civilian deaths. Another of these groups, the Lehi or Stern Gang, carried out similar bombings and assassinations in Britain.


Title: Declassified M15 documents shed new light on World War II: How the Stern Gang Terrorized London

Date of publication: December 2, 2017

Photo caption: A cut out from the Daily Express, August 25, 1948. Credit: Britain’s Security Service Archive

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