Infographics & Maps

From historical to present-day maps of Israel and Palestinian territories and infographics that show history in a visual way, these tools will help us visualize the conditions of occupation and how real people are affected daily with struggles and ongoing hardships. We are continuously adding to this collection.

The Alliance for Water Justice in Palestine raises awareness about Israel’s use of water as a weapon against the people of Palestine. The organization’s core principles are that water is a human right, that water should not be privatized, that water should not be used as an instrument of oppression, and that water should be equally distributed.

In “Farming while Palestinian, a World Water Day outrage,” Nancy Murray describes data on use of water in Israel/Palestine and her firsthand experience as part of an Eyewitness Palestine environmental justice delegation to the West Bank.

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B'tselem is the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories. B'tselem works to expose the injustice, violence and dispossession inherent to the regime of occupation, to deconstruct the apparatuses that enable it, and challenge its...

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Israeli Identification and Segregation

  Source: The government of Israel has six forms of identification, each with different colored covers. Dark blue IDs are reserved for Jewish Israeli citizens and gives the most freedom. Those who possess this identification can vote and...

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