Documentary films serve as non-fictional motion-picture historical records intended to document reality in the way events truly happened. These films tell important and often unknown stories that bring a greater awareness to a wider audience. These films are some of the best resources for information about challenging times, topics, political upheaval, influential people and events, and more.

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1913: Seeds of Conflict

Most observers consider the Balfour Declaration and Mandate period of the 1920s as the origin of today’s Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Breaking new ground, 1913: SEEDS OF CONFLICT, a one-hour documentary directed by filmmaker Ben Loeterman, explores the divergent social forces growing in Palestine before World War I, when Arabs and Jews co-existed in harmony as Ottomans, each yearning for a land to call their own. This movie looks at the moment of transformation when Ottoman rule in Palestine was still strong, the identities of Jerusalemites were fluid, and few could imagine the conflict that would dominate the region for the next century. Until now, scholars have focused on the British Mandate as the matchstick of the Middle East conflict.