Perspectives Magazine – Winter 2022
Perspectives Winter 2022
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Hearing both sides

Poor understanding of others leads to conflict.  This lovely video shows what each side believes about the other. The New York Times describes it as a "Jew and a Palestinian sling slurs at each other, giving voice to hidden prejudice with the aim of overcoming it."...

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Lea Tsemel

Lea Tsemel is a Jewish Israeli human rights lawyer. She has represented political prisoners for five decades and was the subject of the 2019 movie Advocate (reviewed in the NY Times). Tsemel spoke on CANADA TALKS ISRAEL PALESTINE. She discusses systematic torture...

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Israeli Apartheid

Writing in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Israeli author Gideon Levy points out inequities in how Jews and non-Jews are treated under Israeli law. "To put it briefly: After the Law of Return, this is the law that exemplifies more than any other the domination of...

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Killing Palestinians

Mondoweiss reports, "Israeli soldiers killed an 11-year-old Palestinian boy. Then, during his funeral, they killed someone else." You can read more about it in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz:...

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Human Rights Watch (HRW) investigates and reports on abuses happening in all corners of the world. Recent reports covered Myanmar, Bangladesh, and the Congo. On April 27, 2021, HRW published a report identifying Israel's crimes against humanity of apartheid and...

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Ben & Jerry’s

Museum curator Dr. Steve Feldman discusses Israel calling Ben & Jerry's "terrorist" for its decision not to sell ice cream in the West Bank. Learn more about Ben & Jerry's values at: Mondoweiss reported on...

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Sara Roy

Writing in CounterPunch, Sarah Roy, a Jew and child of Holocaust survivors, pens a strongly worded letter to President Biden: She asks why Biden isn't doing more to stop the killing of children. She...

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Where had Palestinians been living?

A Tel Aviv Museum of Art exhibit “Anti-Mapping,” by Miki Kratsman and Shabtai Pinchevsky features images that present an alternative to the official means of mapping that are controlled by the state. The photographers documented Palestinian towns...

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