Child of Holocaust survivors

As reported in Mondoweiss, David Kattenburg gives his Jewish perspective on the mistreatment of Palestinian families. His view is rooted in being a child of Holocaust survivors. 

Kattenburg, in Kattenburg v. Canada (Attorney General), sought to make sure that wines produced in Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank were not labelled “Product of Israel.” In a July 29, 2019, landmark ruling the Canadian court declared that ‘Product of Israel’ labels on wines produced by Jewish settlements in the West Bank, outside Israel’s internationally recognized borders, are “false, misleading and deceptive.”

In the Mondoweiss article Kattenburg contrasted how his background informed his moral choice in speaking out against the occupation with the use of the Holocaust to support the “defense of their permanent occupation/colonization of the West Bank, their ceaseless acts of land theft, their systematic oppression of the Palestinian people, their right to kill Palestinians, no questions asked, to violate international law with impunity.”


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March 31, 2022

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