Hedy Epstein

Hedy Epstein (née Wachenheimer) was born August 15, 1924 in Freiburg, Germany. She lived with her parents Ella and Hugo Wachenheimer in Kippenheim, Germany.  On May 18, 1939, she escaped the horrors that were coming and went to England on a children’s transport.

Hedy has been active professionally and personally in the causes of civil and human rights and social justice. Some of her causes have included fair housing, abortion rights, and antiwar activities. As a peace delegate, Hedy journeyed to Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Cambodia in 1989. Hedy visited the Israeli Occupied West Bank five times since 2003, to witness the facts on the ground. She participated in several non-violent demonstrations, together with Israelis, Palestinians & other internationals, in opposition to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land, the 25-foot high cement wall, and the demolition of Palestinian homes and olive orchards.

Hedy Epstein is a passionate supporter for peace, security & equal rights for Israelis and Palestinians.  Hear her speak at Berkeley and at Florida State University.

Epstein passed away in 2016 at the age of 91.  According to the New York Times, “Ms. Epstein often addressed audiences at schools and community events about the Holocaust. Her talks concluded with an admonition: ‘Remember the past, don’t hate, don’t be a bystander.’”


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March 31, 2022

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