Israeli Apartheid

Writing in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Israeli author Gideon Levy points out inequities in how Jews and non-Jews are treated under Israeli law. “To put it briefly: After the Law of Return, this is the law that exemplifies more than any other the domination of Jewish supremacism in this country. A Jew can share his life with whomever he or she chooses, and an Arab can’t. Just like that, despairingly and painfully simple. Any country that treated its Jewish citizens like that would be reviled.” Read the entire article here:

In another article, Levy describes how Israel Defense Forces soldiers killed 16-year-old Islam Burnat with a bullet to the head:

Haaretz also described how Israel permits differences in how Jewish and non-Jewish people are treated with respect to take over the land on which they are living in this Gideon Levy article on the Evyatar outpost: Haaretz writer Amira Haas has also written about killing of Palestinians related to the Evyatar outpost:

Also writing in Haaretz, Israeli journalist Amira Hass points out how the unequal treatment teaches hatred of Jewish people:

A Palestinian perspective can be found here:

Mondoweiss reports that former Israeli Attorney General Michael Benyair used the word apartheid to describe Israel‘s treatment of Palestinians, referring to calling it “apartheid” in West Bank only: “It’s a mistake. The apartheid regime is in all areas controlled by Israel, between the sea & the Jordan River.”


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April 1, 2022

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