On the ground with Palestinians and Israelis

Dr. Steve Feldman, an American Jew & curator of the Jewish Museum of the Palestinian Experience has, in the past, traveled extensively through Israel, visiting friends and family there.  This time, he goes to Palestine, to the West Bank, on a 2 week service & educational experience with a Quaker group.  His experience there was published by the Winston-Salem Journal in an article entitled, On the ground with Israelis and Palestinians.

Feldman met with Palestinian families, teachers, & administrators, adults & children,  legislators and people on the street.  He expected to find good people, just like everywhere else, but was surprised to find in Ramallah and other parts of Palestine the nicest people he has ever met anywhere.

Learn much more about Israel/Palestine from Jewish and other voices and from historical resources on display at the Jewish Museum of the Palestinian Experience.


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March 31, 2022

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