Wrestling with Zionism

In this videoWrestling with Zionism, three people with a strong Jewish identity share how they moved away from Zionism towards activism for justice in Palestine:

Comments from viewers:

Terrific. Reminds me of my own process of questioning the Zionism I was raised with.

~ Donna, therapist

It’s about time to start this much-needed conversation between Americans Jews. True, silence is not an option.

Let’s wrestle!

~ Mariano Argentinian/Israeli educator

a moving piece which challenges us all to action, compassion, conversation!

~ Ellen filmmaker

This is terrific. What a great tool for dialog. Excellent for training in a workshop setting, and so many other possibilities.

~ Jonathan, filmmaker

the awakening that comes with meeting people and understanding our role.  I love the older woman…  “I cannot keep silent”.

~ Ellen, Non-Profit Organizer


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March 31, 2022

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