Singling Out Israel
Singling out Israel

Leaked footage of an Israeli officer shooting an unarmed Palestinian boy in the back at close range sparks outrage. The officer was consequently temporarily discharged from service, only to be reinstated as a soldier in the army.

In this video widely reported (generally outside of U.S. media sources) a Palestinian boy is shot in the back by Israeli soldiers. Such actions may be why even Jewish people speak out against Israeli actions, not because those Jews are “self-hating.” The argument that Israel is being singled out is a strong one, but not because Israel is being singled out for criticism. On the contrary, there would be an uproar if an action like the one depicted in the video had been conducted by any actor other than Israel, particularly one that receives so much U.S. aid support.

Sites that reported on the incident include:

Video link:

Video title: *trigger warning: shooting* Outrage after leaked video shows Israeli officer shoot Palestinian in the back
Created by: N/A / Mondoweiss
Video length: 00:00:26
Date: November 2, 2019

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