Tal Mitnik, Ariel Davidov, and Ella Keidar
Tal Mitnik, Ariel Davidov, Ella Keidar

Three young Jews, Tal Mitnik, Ariel Davidov, and Ella Keidar, join the recent waves of conscientious objectors against Israel’s occupation of Palestine. For these youth, refusing their military service is the best way to get their voices heard as they call for justice for Palestinian people. In the video posted by Muslimi news network, each objector explained their positions and expressed their fear – not only for themselves as they face criminal punishment for refusing to serve the military, but for their Palestinian neighbors as well. Below are their words:

  • “I do not wish to serve an army that is enacting an occupation, an apartheid regime…Palestinian people deserve freedom just as much as Israelis.” – Ella Keidar
  • “I refuse the notion that killing civilians in Gaza will bring security to anyone.” –  Tal Mitnik
  • “This is genocide that has been going on since the beginning of Zionism.” – Ariel Davidov

These young people feel like the only way to stand for justice and make sure their voices are heard is to refuse their conscription into the army. They urge other Jewish youth to do the same.

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