What You Can Do

What Can You Do?


We invite you to join the conversation surrounding the Palestinians an

d their right to a peaceful existence with thoughtful input and engagement. 

Here are a few things you can do…

Browse our museum.  If you have an interest in the Holy Land, you may enjoy learning more about it here.  Even those most familiar with the history of modern Israel may find items they were not aware of.

Follow us on social media to see when new historical items and voices as they are added to the museum website.

Share our website and social media posts, so that more people can gain a better understanding of the context of the modern conflict. Subscribe to our quarterly online e-magazine, Perspectives.

Start a conversation with your family, friends, and neighbors to raise awareness of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Call or write your local Congressional leaders. to let them know what they can do to support a peaceful end to the conflict. Call or write to your Senator or Representative and encourage them to support peace and justice for both Israeli and Palestinian families. Don’t know who your representative is? Click here to find out!

Host an exhibit where you can receive the materials required to drive awareness to the conflict. You can download our Exhibitor Guide here. 

Invite Promised Land Museum curator Steve Feldman to speak at your in-person or virtual event.

  • Contact Jewish Voice for Peace to plan a community event that spreads awareness and advocates for peace. Or download our Exhibitor Guide for more information.
  • Join these groups that are working for peace with justice for Israeli and Palestinian families:
Jewish Voice for PeaceFriends of Sabeel North America
U.S. Campaign for Palestinian RightsSabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center
BDS MovementPilgrims of Ibillin
The Israel/Palestine Mission NetworkAlliance of Baptists
United Church of Christ Palestinian Israel NetworkThe People of The United Methodist Church
  • Donate. Your financial contributions can be made to the  Jewish Voice for Peace on behalf of this project. Thank you!


We extend our gratitude to the following organizations and individuals for their support of this project:

We thank Gene Zaid – Palestinian Refugee who helped sponsor this exhibit.


And we send a sincere Thank You to the many people who supported our Kickstarter campaign.

Exhibitor Guide

Click here to read the exhibitor guide

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