Perspectives-Winter 2022-1

BE KNOWLEDGEABLE, SHARE THIS INFORMATION, AND CONSIDER HOSTING AN EXHIBIT. THE PROMISED LAND MUSEUM TRAVELING EXHIBIT IS A SIMPLE WAY TO BRING AWARENESS TO THE ISRAEL-PALESTINIAN CONFLICT AND THE PALESTINIAN QUEST FOR NATIONHOOD. WHAT CAN 6 REASONS TO CONSIDER HOSTING AN EXHIBIT YOU DO? 1 Give your community a better understanding of the Holy Land. 2 Support peace and justice by fostering awareness of the common humanity of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish families living in Israel and Palestine. 3 Attract people to your facility with an interesting, novel, moving, educational exhibit. 4 It could be a great way to raise funds for your church or civic organization. 5 It’s FREE! Voices for Justice in Palestine pays for shipping and promotion. 6 You can also invite museum curator, Steve Feldman, to speak at your event—either in person or virtually. PERSPECTIVES • THE MAGAZINE OF PROMISED LAND MUSEUM 14