Perspectives-Winter 2022-1

July 7 Palestinian Bedouin village Khirbet Humsa al-Fawqa is destroyed by the IDF. July 19 Ben & Jerry’s officially ends sales of their ice cream in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. August 1 One year since the Abraham Accords, ties between Israel, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Morocco, and Sudan remain strong. August 16 Palestinians claim ownership of the land in which the West Bank outpost Evyatar is situated. A petition to the Israeli High Court of Justice is rejected. November Palestinian families reject an offer that would delay their eviction by Jewish settlers in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood; 28 families currently live on the land. November A Hamas gunman opens fire at Old City in Jerusalem. One Israeli is killed. December General Assembly Fifth Committee approves funding for the UNHCR probe, with the backing of 125 countries. December Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett makes first-ever visit the United Arab Emirates (UAE). January 2022 Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett makes first-ever visit the United Arab Emirates (UAE). October 22 Defense Minister Benny Gantz declares six Palestinian NGOs as terror groups (Al-Haq, Addameer, the Bisan Center, the Defense for Children InternationalPalestine, the Union of Agricultural Work Committees, and the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees”). The ministry calls the six NGOs “a network of organizations active undercover.” The UN alleges that the declaration criminalizes Palestinian civic society. September 6 Six Palestinian prisoners escape Gilboa Prison, attracting media attention. Sept 26 Five Hamas fighters are killed in IDF raids in the West Bank. May 15 The IDF launches a missile strike on the al-Jalaa building in Gaza (which houses Al Jazeera and Associated Press journalists). Israeli forces call the building’s owner before the attack to warn of the attack and advise that all occupants evacuate. The IDF claims the building holds Hamas military intelligences. May 20 Israel and Hamas agree to a ceasefire beginning May 21. Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi praises U.S. President Joe Biden for helping broker the ceasefire. May 20 Violent clashes – despite the ceasefire – erupt at Al-Aqsa Mosque. Worshippers chant messages in solidarity with Sheikh Jarrah residents and Palestinians in Gaza. IDF fires rubber bullets and uses stun grenades. May 27 Israeli Right-wing activists rebuild illegal outpost, Evyatar, in the aftermath of a terror attack weeks before. May 28 The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) approves an open-ended investigation into alleged Israeli war crimes, sparked by the Eleven Day War. The probe includes all alleged Israeli human rights violations in Gaza, the West Bank, and sovereign Israel. May 16 40 rockets are fired from Gaza toward Israeli port cities, Ashdod and Ashkelon. The IDF launches airstrikes in response to the missile fire. May 17 An Israeli airstrike hits the only COVID-19 testing lab in the Gaza strip. May 18 Egypt announces it will put $500 million into rebuilding Gaza after Israeli missile strikes. May 13 Israeli mobilizes 9000 reservists. IDF carries out air strikes on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip. May 14 The Israeli Air force launches an attack of Hamas’ tunnel network and above-ground positions. May 12 850 rockets are la unched into Israeli territory from Gaza. Five Israelis are killed. Schools are closed in central and southern Israel for the week. Coalition negotiations between Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett collapse. WINTER 2022 17