Perspectives-Winter 2022-1

Emma Watson recently shared a photo on her Instagram account from a pro-Palestine rally. It contained the phrase, “Solidarity Is a Verb.” Although British-Australian actress Miriam Margolyes publicly supported Watson’s post, there was immediate backlash from some current and former Israeli officials. Some called Watson an “antisemite.” Margolyes asked the question, “When did anti-Zionism become anti-Semitism?” The question is greater than that. When did supporting Palestinian creation of state become the same as discriminating against the Jewish people? The two are completely different. This issue’s “Creation of State,” theme hopefully serves as a primer and introduction to the Palestinian quest for nationhood and the many resources this museum offers. The following articles focus primarily on material from both Jewish and Israeli sources. Palestinian sources are valuable, too, particularly for understanding Palestinian perspectives. The Promised Land Museum was founded to help provide a Jewish perspective and more complete understanding of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. A better understanding will lead to what we all truly desire: balance and peace for all people living in Israel and Palestine, for both Jewish and non-Jewish families. PERSPECTIVES • THE MAGAZINE OF PROMISED LAND MUSEUM 2