Perspectives-Winter 2022-1

Some believe that before Israel’s war for independence there was no Palestine, there were no Palestinian people, and the land was desert and had no inhabitants. This belief is easily found, distributed, and shared online. Judaism teaches us that—whatever we call the families who were living in Palestine before the creation of Israel—it would be wrong to expel them and make and keep them refugees from their homes. Before 1917, Muslims, Christians, and Jews lived together peacefully. The war years—filled with acts of terrorism on both sides, massacres of Palestinian villages, and the ultimate expulsion of Palestinians from their homes—are in sharp contrast to the previous atmosphere. To some, the violence appears to have no end in sight. We’re far more optimistic, believing that peace and security will come with justice and equal treatment for all families, Israeli and Palestinian. It is not difficult to see that Jewish, Christian, and Muslim families live peacefully together in many places and can again in Israel/Palestine, just as they had in the past. PERSPECTIVES • THE MAGAZINE OF PROMISED LAND MUSEUM 4